Friday, January 6, 2012

New year, new birthdays

So its another year filled with birthday occasions, as adults we don't do birthday parties anymore which is just a shame, I wouldn't mind playing musical chairs lol! We don't really throw ourselves a party unless someone throws one for us. I have noticed that most of my friends including myself celebrate our birthdays in 3 very typical ways:

1) A mini celebration at 12:00am, most probably with your parents, siblings and closest friends. They'll just bring a cake and a dozen balloons and sing you the happy birthday song, then go to sleep :)

2) Gather all your closest friends and cousins and go to a restaurant for dinner.

3) The best one: a surprise party! Although not everyone would want that, not everyone has free time nowadays, unless the birthday is on a weekend.

I used to surprise my mom on her birthday when she woke up in the morning. She used to sleep early so that gave me time to blow up a lot of balloons, I throw them on her corridor then I cover up her door with A4 papers so I have a big white space and write a big 'Happy Birthday Mommy' over it. She'll need to tear it off so she could walk out of her room lol. I used to do that when I was 11/14 years old.

As much I love morning surprises, no one really did surprise me when I wake up. But I got good birthday surprises though. My friends showed up in our house a couple of birthdays, I was surprised of course thinking how their parents allowed them to go out so late at night!

Here are pictures of some ways to 'morning surprise' someone on their birthdays..
A surprise in the corridor!
source here

Or in the bedroom, wait for them to fall asleep and fill their room with balloons! They'll be surprised when they wake up in the morning. This could make a good morning or a night mare if one of the balloons popped in the middle of the night lol.
source here

Ofcourse it might be a bad idea to do this kind of surprise for a person who has a job just because that person wouldn't want to be late! So why not take the party to the office?
Go to the office a little bit earlier and tie cards at the end of the balloon string with happy birthday notes from their colleagues, family and friends. The same idea could be done at home too.
source here


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