Monday, June 13, 2011

Beauty tip: ERASE PASTE

I wasn't sure under which category does this post go under, is it a product review or a beauty tip? Anyways, I'm going to tell you about this amazing product I use almost daily to make my face look even. It's called Erase Paste from Benefit. This paste can be used for several different things, you can use it to cover up all the red spots or acne on your face or under your eyes. Its not like any other concealer, you don't dab a lot onto the area! you just put a very little amount on each sport on your face then tap it till you see that the colour is even. I REPEAT AGAIN: DON NOT PUT A BIG AMOUNT! seriously a very little amount can do. The product comes in a very tiny jar with a swob in which you can apply it to your face. You would think that its very little but trust me it will last for a very long time.
There are 3 different shades for different skin colours, if you got stuck between 2 colours, I would say go for the lighter one!

To read more about this product and read the reviews click here.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beauty tip: Don't just brush your teeth!

While brushing my teeth in the morning here is what I like to do as well! I usually brush my tongue & lips afterwards.
When you brush your tongue is removes the bad morning breath and bacteria, you can brush it either by using your normal tooth brush or you can use the tongue brush which you can find in all pharmacies. After that brush your lips gently with the same normal tooth brush, and this is to remove all the flakes keeping your lips smooth. Don't forget to apply a lip moisturiser afterwards.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vote for the most stylish Kuwaiti chic

The magazine "Student Talk" is setting this competition for June's most stylish student! There are 6 girls .. choose who you think is the best dressed! I've already voted for one ;)

Now its your turn to vote click here

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hand Harness

In love with this accessory! It would totally look good for summer. I found these in the prices are between KD2.500 to KD 7.500, trendy yet very affordable ;)

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Product review: Spin pins

"My messy bun has to be perfect" - Anonymous.

I love the messy bun look! Its easy and fast, and it got even easier and faster and more secure with the "Spin pins". If you buy them you'll get them in pairs, they have two shades, one for dark hair and another one for lighter hair. It is super easy to use! instead of sticking 10 bobby pins you can use two spin pins and your bun is secured all day you wont have to worry about it being displaced!

How to use it?
*You just put your hair in a normal pony tail (high or low)
*Spin your hair around the pony tail
*Spin one of the spin pins on the top of the bun, then spin the other one at the bottom
*Your done!

RATE: 5/5

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product review: Colour B4? No No No!

I have always been looking forward getting this product since I saw its Ad on the TV! its called "Colour B4" and what it claims to do it return your original hair colour after dying it! Yes you might fall for this product if you have naturally blonde hair you'd think it did good because it removed the dye on your hair and returned it to its original colour. But it DOESN'T !!! And only people with dark hair would know that!

My natural hair colour is dark brown and I dyed it very light brown, so I used this product to return to my dark brown hair! When I applied this (like applying any hair dye) the smell was awful! It literally smelled like water manhole in the streets! After waiting for a while I took a shower and .......... my hair is LIGHTER!!! and dry! So this product does not really remove the hair dye, it just lightens it so blonde people would think that their natural hair is back. Its not!

There are 2 types of this product, one for dark hair and the other one is for lighter hair. I used the one in the picture above.

RATE: 0/5 I could have atleast given it 1/5 just because I can use this product for a different porpuse like lightening my hair for example, but NO! it stinks and dries your hair! I'd rather use normal hair dye to lighten my hair.