Saturday, June 4, 2011

Product review: Spin pins

"My messy bun has to be perfect" - Anonymous.

I love the messy bun look! Its easy and fast, and it got even easier and faster and more secure with the "Spin pins". If you buy them you'll get them in pairs, they have two shades, one for dark hair and another one for lighter hair. It is super easy to use! instead of sticking 10 bobby pins you can use two spin pins and your bun is secured all day you wont have to worry about it being displaced!

How to use it?
*You just put your hair in a normal pony tail (high or low)
*Spin your hair around the pony tail
*Spin one of the spin pins on the top of the bun, then spin the other one at the bottom
*Your done!

RATE: 5/5

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