Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outdoor tea party

I was planning to throw a surprise birthday party for one of my closest friends, I thought a 'tea party' would be perfect since I was planning to invite just a few friends with their mothers. We had the party outdoor, I rented a round table and placed tea cups. My dad and husband helped me decorate the place with balloons, streamers and banners. The party looked so pink!
Since its a tea party, It started early around 6:00pm. I had my friends at my place at 5:30 and went to pick up the birthday girl and brought her to the party.

I ordered a dozen cake pops from Bakerista, I asked her to write the birthday girl's name on 6 and her age (22) on the rest. I chose red velvet and vanilla.

My husband helped create a photo booth by cutting out a card board to make it look like an old polaroid picture and hung it.
I think we spent most of the party taking picture!

We got a cake that looked like a coffee mug from BreadTalk since the birthday girl loves coffee, it also matched the theme!

Happy Birthday Taiba.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Living in glass

 Architect Jacopo Mascheroni designed Lake Lugano House in Switzerland for a financial consultant and her family. A beautiful home but I personally wouldn't want a house like that in Kuwait, I don't want to be fried!