Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product review: Colour B4? No No No!

I have always been looking forward getting this product since I saw its Ad on the TV! its called "Colour B4" and what it claims to do it return your original hair colour after dying it! Yes you might fall for this product if you have naturally blonde hair you'd think it did good because it removed the dye on your hair and returned it to its original colour. But it DOESN'T !!! And only people with dark hair would know that!

My natural hair colour is dark brown and I dyed it very light brown, so I used this product to return to my dark brown hair! When I applied this (like applying any hair dye) the smell was awful! It literally smelled like water manhole in the streets! After waiting for a while I took a shower and .......... my hair is LIGHTER!!! and dry! So this product does not really remove the hair dye, it just lightens it so blonde people would think that their natural hair is back. Its not!

There are 2 types of this product, one for dark hair and the other one is for lighter hair. I used the one in the picture above.

RATE: 0/5 I could have atleast given it 1/5 just because I can use this product for a different porpuse like lightening my hair for example, but NO! it stinks and dries your hair! I'd rather use normal hair dye to lighten my hair.

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