Monday, May 30, 2011

Product review: Dry Shampoo to the rescue

We all had those days where there was just no time for a shower. Or at least I did! This usually happens during exams period where you study all day and there's just not time for even a quick shower!! Especially girls with long hair like mine where I would have to either straighten it or curl it. How do you get rid of oily hair very quickly?
I have bumped in to this amazing product of dry shampoo a week ago, I got two different ones from different brands. The first dry shampoo is from the brand "Batiste" this is actually the first that I got but it did not work very well with my dark hair! Because it looked like I applied baby powder all over my hair! This would be good if your hair was lighter or blondish. The second one which I am using now is called "TRESEMME FRESH START DRY SHAMPOO" this product it the best, it doesn't turn white like the previous one because it's transparent, and it smells good!

I love this product!!


  1. heey can u pllz tell me were can i find them?? thanx


  2. From the UK boots pharmacy, I'm not sure if they sell them in Kuwait