Sunday, May 29, 2011

Product review: June = Tanning

So it's summer already and we all want that summer tan! As for me I've decided to just get a little tint of tan this summer. I don't want a dark tan like the ones I had the previous summers because I realised that I look better with just a light tan tone! And how do I get that? Well, by using a self-tanner. I'm not a big fan of self-tan because I can't get it right, a lot of streaks! but I'll just have to learn the best way of using it and apply it daily instead of applying a lotion! Because it still keeps my skin moist. As for the smell of Henna on all the first tanners? I gave up looking for one that would smell good! I was looking on people's reviews of different self-tanners and I ended up getting "L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gel Face & Body". This products is not any better than any other self-tanner, but it does smell good when first applied but then you'll start smelling like Henna the next day! As for the colour? It's absolutely gorgeous, very natural looking tan.

PS: if you're getting this products be careful to pick up the "lotion" tan of L'Oreal that is identical to the "Gel" tube! the Gel tan is is clear packing the other one isn't.


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