Friday, April 9, 2010

Have fun: Hellllllo Spring Break !

Finally on a spring break after the "never ending projects", the first thing I got on mind was tanning ! Unfortunately, the weather forecast matbasher bel khair ;p
It happens every break ! So for people like me who are staying in K-town for the holiday; here are some ideas:

1. Gather up all your friends for a treasure hunt adventure, its really fun. Even if you're not that type of an outgoing person you should still try it for a change. If you're ever interested check out and book for it. It 25KD per person.
The idea is; you set yourself up as 2 teams or 3, depending on your how many are playing, and this guy named Dhari who is setting the whole thing puts clues in different locations for you to find, the winner is who gets to the last destination fisrt, winners get medals ;)

Its alot more fun than it sounds, you'll be doing alot of weird unexpected activities, its worth trying!

2. BOARD GAMES! My friends weren't big fans of them but they got into it as soon as we started palying. May i suggest: Monopoly(6 players), Sequence, the game of life, guess who (2 players), snakes and ladders, twister or even playing cards.
And just for a change; try playing them outdoors like in a cafe or something.

3. Plan a party! since we've got the whole week, why not make yourself busy planning a themed party, its a good way to have fun and see all your friends. I've found this interesting group on Facebook that organizes themed parties, check it out:
Googi Designs:!/group.php?gid=97466930618

4. This might be a good time to clean up your closet, take out all your winter clothes and put back the summer clothes. And while you're doing that throw out all the things you dont need, all the things you dont use. Cleaning up your closet is not an easy job as most girls think! it takes me almost 2 to 3 days to fix up my closet. Start with your clothes, shoes, accessories, even a study desk if you have one, book shelves..etc.

Hopefully this helps some of you

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