Thursday, January 5, 2012

My little pony - iPhone case

I ordered this handmade customised iPhone case from a girl that does them in Thailand, I don't usually order from websites I haven't heard about specially if the website was a blog! But this adorable iPhone case was worth the risk. I received it in 3 weeks after paying, with a small zip bag of extra crystals just in case some fall off (they're strongly glued so I don't think they'll easily fall off), I LOVE IT.

To order you could just send her an e-mail on, ask her to send you pictures of more of her 'My little pony' designs. Choose the one you like, you can also choose your own colours, I asked her to put my initial. She also does the same designs for blackberry, and iPhone 3G. If you choose to do one for your iPhone, you can choose to do a single face plate, which is just the back of the iPhone. Or double face plate, which is both sides of the iPhone, the back side with the pony and the front size with just crystals.
After you have chosen the design you want, she'll ask you to pay the amount through PayPal (If you don't have one, just go to and sign up). I don't really know how to use PayPal or how it works, thank God I have my husband!

Price: $159 (Single face plate)

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