Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make-up magnet boards

Here's a smart way to organise all your make-up instead of lining them up on your dresser, or throwing them in a big make-up bag in a drawer. This is a much better way, it saves you more drawers and you can see all your make-up easily without having a battle in your make-up bag to look for your red lipstick.

What you need:
1) Old frame (you can decide if you want it big or small, wide or tall)
2) A metal sheet, cut it to fit the frame then glue a nice looking gift wrapping paper to it or a nice fabric to make it look better.
3) Small round magnets to stick them behind the make-up
4) Blu tack to make the magnets stick behind the make up tools, don't use glue! You might want to take some with you in your bag when you go out and you wouldn't want magnets behind each one.
5) For the brushes, you can use light plastic cups and glue them to the frame.

Here are other people's make-up magnet boards...

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  1. This is such a brilliant idea! I absolutely love it!
    Love the blog