Friday, December 2, 2011

Take 365 pictures of yourself!

I thought of something fun to do during the coming year 2012! I came across an iPhone application while I was looking at photo editing apps, but this is not a photo editing app.

The app is called 'Everyday'.. It's a fun app that reminds you to take photos of yourself EVERYDAY! You can then make a movie of you yourself with all the pictures you've taken. I downloaded this app days before, but I'm planning to start taking pictures of myself at the beginning of 2012 and continue taking pictures till the end on 2012 and see how I have changed in one year, that would be interesting! And maybe I'll continue using it for more years? who knows.

Each day, looking into the lens of your iPhone camera, take a picture of youself that will create a story. As the number of pictures grows, a movie is created showing the changes you have made into yourself.

Who's in?

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