Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wicked The Musical was simply WICKED

I was never a fan of musical theatres, I don't even remember if I ever been to one. I didn't think I'd like looking at people singing and me just sitting there watching, but I heard so much about Wicked, it made me want to see it. I was also a fan of The Wizard of Oz when I was a little so I guess that did motivate me to want to watch it.
So my lovely husband thought it was a good idea to take me to London and surprise me with tickets to Wicked! And it was! I was all of a sudden very excited to go.

I will not tell the whole story just incase you decide to go watch it yourselves, but it is basically a love story between two witches who fall in love with the same man. I couldn't take my eyes off the theatre scared that I'll be missing something ;p their voices were really amazing not as annoying as I thought It would be and it was funny most of the time, i laughed A LOT.

The setting of the theatre was AMAZING with all the lighting effects, things I've never seen before! I guess I'm now addicted to musicals lol.

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