Thursday, November 10, 2011

Solid hair shampoo bars from LUSH

When I first heard about this product, I was only tempted to buy it because it was SOLID and I was so curious to try it out. I did not think about whether it was effective or not.

So I went to LUSH and got myself a solid shampoo bar called Seanik, it was blue with bits of seaweed, I used it twice and I've noticed that my hair did not fall out as much as it did during shower (My hair falls out ALOT, I think I'll be bald in a year ;p).

Because I loved the results of this shampoo so much, I went to LUSH store again to get myself more products! I wasn't really looking for anything specific, I just felt that I wanted to buy something. And while I was looking around; the sales lady recommended the Seanik solid shampoo to me and I told her I already got one, she asked what I think about it, and I told her about how my hair stopped falling out during shower (it was still falling out after shower though). So she suggested that I use another Solid shampoo called NEW, she said that it was specifically made for people with hair fall problems. I liked the scent of it more than Seanik, it smelled like cinnamon and I love cinnamon. It was red with chunks of cinnamon sticks in it.

I've noticed that my hair falls out a lot less now! It didn't stop the falling out completely but I was still satisfied with the results, I have tried lots of products LOTS! and none of them worked, not pills, not shampoo, not oils, Nothing!

I really recommend this bar for girls with the same problem, its a small bar but the sales lady said that it would last for 90 washes. You just need to rub it over your wet hair, and it will lather up!

Do you have a better sulotion that actually worked?

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